Gallery ad

Gallery ad > Description

The Gallery ad type is due to the coverage of large content areas highly attention-grabbing and very well suited for showing multiple subjects of a campaign. The user has an opportunity to interact with the ad and swipe in different directions (usually left/right) to see the different images. Furthermore, the user can reach different landing pages depending on the gallery slide.

The Gallery ad covers itself upon the start of an app, mobile page or page break over a majority of the content area on the screen and always includes a close button in the upper right corner.

The user can interact with the ad, reach the landing page(s) or close the ad by tapping on the close button in order to return back on to the mobile page / app.

Format & Size

Dimension Orientation Types Initial size subsequent size
320 x 480 Portrait jpg, png, gif, HTML5 100 kb 2,5MB
320 x 250 Portrait jpg, png, gif, HTML5 100 kb 2,5MB
300 x 250 Portrait jpg, png, gif, HTML5 100 kb 2,5MB
768 x 1024 Portrait (Tablet only) jpg, png, gif, HTML5 100 kb 2,5MB
1024 x 768 Landscape (Tablet only) jpg, png, gif, HTML5 100 kb 2,5MB
Responsive Portrait / Landscape jpg, png, gif, HTML5 100 kb 2,5MB

Close Button > Close button

The Developer should not include a close button for the interstitial. The close button will be added by us. However, a free space of 50x50px must be left in the top right corner for the button.

Creative developed by Digitalsunray

In case the creative is commissioned to be developed by us, all files needed for the creative should be delivered in the highest possible resolution, especially:

  • .psd files (recommended 2048×1080)
  • Images (recommended 2048×1080)
  • Videos (recommended 1920x1080)
  • Special fonts, icons etc.


The following delivery types are allowed in our network:

  • Physical delivery
  • Hosted by Digitalsunray

GDPR complications

Because of the GDPR, some of our publishers only allow physical delivery or trusted hosting partners like us. We highly recommend the hosting in our infrastructure.

Only with additional signed GDPR agreement

  • Self hosted
  • External trackings
  • External resources (CDN) like JQUERY, Google Fonts, etc.

Self hosted ads

Be aware that some of our publishers still do not allow self hosted ads, external trackings or the use of external resources even with an additional agreement. In this case only physical delivery or hosting from our side is allowed.

Physical delivery or hosted on our infrastructure

  • as a flat-ZIP file (without folder structure)
  • the ZIP file must contain (max. 10 files)

    • index.html
    • all resources (CSS, Javascript, images, videos, etc.)
    • all used Fonts, Frameworks, etc.
  • the total size of the ad should not exceed the total limit



Inside of your ad you have to read the clickTag from the querystring IAB Guidelines (see Section 3.10.1).

Below you can see the function from the IAB for getting the clickTag from the querystring.

function getParameterByName(name) {
    var match = RegExp('[?&]' + name + '=([^&]*)').exec(;
    return match && decodeURIComponent(match[1].replace(/\+/g, ' '));
var clickTag = getParameterByName('clickTag');

clickTag naming convention

clickTag should be always in camel case notation.

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

In all cases your advertisements has to be GDPR compliant, independent from your local law or other regulations between your country and the EU.

Additional GDPR agreement

In the additional GDPR agreement, you will agree and guarantee that all your servers and from your partners, all used external resources (e.g. JQUERY, Google Fonts, ...), trackings, cookies, etc. are fully compliant to the GDPR and you take the legal responsibility.

Please contact us for the GDPR agreement.