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iOS Device list

Refering to the targeting list, here you can find a list of values for the key ADDeviceSubtype to target on a specific iOS device.

ADDeviceSubtype value Notes (if available) Notes (if available)
i386 Simulator
iPhone1,1 iPhone (Original)
iPhone1,2 iPhone (3G)
iPhone2,1 iPhone (3GS)
iPhone3,1 iPhone 4
iPhone4,1 iPhone 4S
iPhone5,1 iPhone 5 (model A1428, AT&T/Canada)
iPhone5,2 iPhone 5 (model A1429, everything else)
iPhone5,3 iPhone 5c (model A1456, A1532
iPhone5,4 iPhone 5c (model A1507, A1516, A1526 (China), A1529
iPhone6,1 iPhone 5s (model A1433, A1533
iPhone6,2 iPhone 5s (model A1457, A1518, A1528 (China), A1530
iPhone7,1 iPhone 6 Plus
iPhone7,2 iPhone 6
iPhone8,1 iPhone 6s
iPhone8,2 iPhone 6s Plus
iPhone8,4 iPhone SE
iPhone9,1 iPhone 7
iPhone9,2 iPhone 7
iPhone9,3 iPhone 7
iPhone9,4 iPhone 7 Plus
iPhone9,5 iPhone 7 Plus
iPhone9,6 iPhone 7 Plus
iPhone10,1 iPhone 8
iPhone10,4 iPhone 8
iPhone10,2 iPhone 8 Plus
iPhone10,5 iPhone 8 Plus
iPhone10,3 iPhone X
iPhone10,6 iPhone X
iPad1,1 iPad (Original)
iPad2,1 iPad 2
iPad3,1 iPad 3 (3rd Generation)
iPad3,4 iPad (4th Generation)
iPad2,5 iPad Mini (Original)
iPad4,1 iPad Air 5th Generation iPad (iPad Air) - Wifi
iPad4,2 iPad Air 5th Generation iPad (iPad Air) - Cellular
iPad4,4 iPad Mini (2nd Generation iPad Mini - Wifi)
iPad4,5 iPad Mini (2nd Generation iPad Mini - Cellular)
iPad4,6 iPad Mini 2 (Rev)
iPad4,7 iPad Mini 3 (Wi-Fi)
iPad4,8 iPad Mini 3 (A1600)
iPad4,9 iPad Mini 3 (A1601)
iPad5,1 iPad Mini 4 (Wi-Fi)
iPad5,2 iPad Mini 4 (Wi-Fi+LTE)
iPad5,3 iPad Air 2 (Wi-Fi)
iPad5,4 iPad Air 2 (Wi-Fi+LTE)
iPad6,3 iPad Pro
iPad6,4 iPad Pro
iPad6,7 iPad Pro
iPad6,8 iPad Pro
iPad7,1 iPad Pro
iPad7,2 iPad Pro
iPad7,3 iPad Pro
iPod1,1 iPod Touch (Original)
iPod2,1 iPod Touch (2nd Generation)
iPod3,1 iPod Touch (3rd Generation)
iPod4,1 iPod Touch (4th Generation)
iPod5,1 iPod Touch (5th Generation)
iPod7,1 iPod Touch (6th Generation)