While banners are small ads which typically take the user to a landingpage in a new browser window when clicked or tapped on, Interstitials immediately present a rich HTML5 experience when loading a webpage or when switching between two pages.

Preload vs Interstitial

A preload will show up on website launch while an interstitial will show up between two pages.

Implementation for an interstitial ad is very similar to banner implementation, except that it is displayed fullscreen.

To add an interstitial to your webpage it takes only a few lines of code.

  • First, you implement the WebSDK via adding the CDN into the <head> tag.
<!DOCTYPE html>
      <script src=""></script>

Adding the WebSDK.class.js file

The link to the js file has to be implemented as CDN. Never download the WebSDK or other components from the WebSDK to your servers.

  • Create a new ADvantage instance and pass your license key, siteId and position.
banner = new ADvantage_WebSDK( 'ad_space_container' )
.setLicenseKey( '[LICENSE KEY]' )
.setSiteId('[SITE ID]')
  • Set the width and height to 100%
.setWidth( '100%' )
.setHeight( '100%' )
  • Set setInterstitial to true
.setInterstitial( true )
  • Add the EventHandler in order to handle ADvantage events.
  switch (ev.status) {
     case "ADvantageNoCampaignEvent":
       // adserver didn't deliver a campaign
       // in this case you can use a backfill service e.g. Google adsense, etc.
       this.hide(); // hide the ADvantage ad space
       //do something
     case "ADvantageUpdateLayoutEvent":
       //the creative is using update layout for the current instance
       //do something
     case "ADvantageAdvertisementEvent":
       //an ADvantage advertisement is loaded; // show the advertisement
       //do something
     case "ADvantageCloseEvent":
       // advertisement closed
       //do something
  • Load and display your ad via the initialize() method.
//Request ad


The best place to do all this is in the window.onload = function() located in your<body> after your website has been rendered.