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Known Issues

Problems with the interstitial with the default settings

If you experience any problems with the default settings, please try the following changes before you contact our support team:

  • Create a <div> container as first element in your <body> from your HTML and pass the <div> id to the constructor
  • Make sure you are not overwriting the default CSS Styles for the interstitial
  • Please check your page and all of the contents (DOM Elements) for the z-index values. All values should be below 6000000. For further reference, please look at the IAB display advertisement guidelines.

Old versions of Prototype.js or other polyfill frameworks

If you experience any problems and you use prototype.js or any other polyfill framework on your website. We recommend that you remove those frameworks if possible. If you can not remove those frameworks, we recommend to use at least the latest version. A polyfill framework is only a workaround to support new HTML5 features in older browser versions, but this does not mean that this polyfill framework follows the HTML5 standard. ADvantage was designed for all modern HTML5 Browsers and we are not supporting polyfill frameworks at all.

Javascript/CSS enabled scrolling

If you experience any problems and you use javascript/css enabled scrolling. We recommend that you disable the javascript/css scrolling and use the native browser scrolling on the page. The reason is that the javascript/css enabled scrolling uses the scroll event of the page to scroll down or up. But as every modern ad technology uses iframes for serving the ads, you will not be able the get this scroll event. This and other events are only fired inside of the iframe when the user taps inside of the iframe and the events will not be forwarded to the main page.

Please see also "Menu slider or using translate(3d) below."

Menu slider or using translate(3d)

If you use a menu slider or if you use translate(3d) animations then it could be that the understitial format will not work for you especially if you use translateZ. For more information about the understitial please check our documentation.