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ADvantage is an innovative state-of-the-art advertisement software development kit (in short SDK) to easily monzetize your apps and websites. ADvantage supports all advertisement standards from IAB and MMA as well as the web standard HTML5. They can be served platform independent for desktop, mobile web and in-app. Several interactions, targeting possibilities, usage of native device sensors and much more allows to realize unlimited creative ad formats.

ADvantage is an ad server-independent interface between your app/website and the ad server.


  • Rich media advertising platform specifically designed for advertising on smartphone, tablet, desktop and apps.

  • The latest national and international standards (e.g. MRAID, VAST) are supported.

  • Easy, quick and flexible to integrate

  • Several targetings (Operating system, OS Version, Network, Language, GPS, Batterystate and many more)

  • GDPR compliant advertisement SDK

  • Interactive advertisement

Get started

For detailed instructions for setup see the