Which browsers and platforms support the WebSDK?


  • iOS

    • Safari Browser (iOS >= 11.x)
  • Android (Android >= 5.0)

    • Google Chrome 60+


  • Firefox 60+
  • Google Chrome 60+
  • Internet Explorer 11+
  • Safari 12+

Internet Explorer is until version 11 not fully compatible with the HTML 5 standard. Please check the system requirements.

Support for older browser versions

Although it is possible that the WebSDK can run on older browser versions, this does not mean that we are supporting that browser version. ADvantage is an innovative, rich media advertising platform mainly designed for HTML 5 advertisements. We only support HTML 5 Browsers.

What to do when the WebSDK redirects me to the base href defined in my source?

Browsers such as Chrome and IE have problems when the base href is defined in the HTML source and pushState or replacestate is used. Our WebSDK uses pushState and replacestate to identify if the user clicks on the back button.

In this case we recommend to do one of the following:

Can I use ADvantage with HTTP (integrate in unsecure websites)?

Yes, for sure. If it is a requirement, please clarify with our sales team beforehand.

How can I see if the license server is validating the license?

If the license is not valid, you will see in the console log of the browser an error message. In this case please check first if you entered the correct license key and you are using the WebSDK with the correct domain name. A license is always bound to a specific domain. For each domain or subdomain you need a separate license key.

Can ADvantage detect whether ad block is enabled or not?

Yes. Since WebSDK Version 2.5.0 it is possible to detect if a user has an ad blocker activated in their browser.

Our SDK uses multiple methods to identify if a user activated an ad blocker. You can use this information to inform the user that they should disable the ad blocker, or use this information for your internal reports.

Consider this information before integrating ad block detection to your page

  • Use the ad block detection only once per page. On other instances the execution of all ad block functions will be ignored or it will always return "false" when the method isAdBlockerActive is called.
  • If you start the ad block detection twice on the same instance the first call will be stopped.
  • The detection is asynchronous and could take a couple of seconds.
  • The callback method will only be called when the SDK finds an ad blocker.
  • If you want to stop/reset the ad block detection use resetAdblockDetection. For example, set a timeout of 10 seconds to stop the ad block detection.
  • After reseting the ad block detection, isAdBlockerActive will return false.


banner = new ADvantage_WebSDK( 'ad_space_container' )
    .setLicenseKey( '[LICENSE KEY]' )
    .setSiteId('[SITE ID]')
    .setWidth( '320px' )
    .setHeight( '50px' )
    .setAdblockCallback( func_adBlockerDetected )
    //Request ad

Unsupported ad blockers

We tested our ad blocker with different ad blocking plugins (Adblock, Adblock pro, uBlock, ...). If you know an ad blocker which our SDK is not able to detect please let us know.

Legal information

We highly recommend that you add a legal information into your privacy policy for your customers, letting them know that you are using ad block detection.